Year 11 Pupils Succeed in their GCSEs

Tuesday 06 September 2022

During the summer holidays, our Year 11 pupils received their GCSE results and planned their next steps in their learning journey.

A record number of pupils have chosen to return to Ark St Alban’s Academy as students in the Sixth Form this autumn. They will be joined by pupils from other schools from across the city who have chosen Ark St Alban’s Academy as where they want to study A-Level and BTEC qualifications.

Amongst the Year 11 cohort, there were many success stories to share.

The highest average grade was achieved by Alzubair who will be joining the sixth form to study Biology, Chemistry and Maths. Two pupils, Anes and Sajid received three 9s in triple science. Measuring from Key Stage 2, the pupils who made the most progress were Ishaq and Arya. Both will be returning for sixth form. Ishaq achieved three 9s, four 8s and a 6 and will be studying Physics, Maths and Geography A-Levels. Arya achieved two 9s and six 8s and will be studying Biology, Chemistry and Geography.

This year group overcame significant hardship to earn their success. They battled Covid disruptions and built a strong team with each other and with their teachers to achieve excellent results.

This year, comparing school performance is challenging due to alterations in grade boundaries and the uneven impact of the pandemic, however we can be confident that these results reflect some of the highest scores for progress and attainment in the school’s recent history, and on many measures the performance of this cohort will place them within the top 10% nationally.

We wish this cohort the best of luck as they begin their post-16 studies and we can be confident that the hard work, determination and good humour they showed in Year 11 will set them up for success in the future.