A level sociologists attend London conference

A level sociology cohort attends London conference in University College London's Conway Hall.
Soc trip

Students in the Year 12 and Year 13 A level sociology cohort had the exciting opportunity to visit UCL's Conway Hall for a seminar regarding education in London.

Students' sociological knowledge was broadened with many of the key individuals that they only read in books, came in person to discuss their research and findings. Students were fortunate to listen to lectures from leading sociologists such as Louise Archer, Stephan Ball and Ann Phoenix, with topics ranging from Nike identities and the way it shapes the habitus of working- and middle-class students to educational inequalities with referencing to the widening gap that was a result of the COVID 19 pandemic.    

"The trip was very helpful in the sense that it gave me and the rest of the class an opportunity to see sociologists in person and for the work they do to be put into context. It has broadened my view of the subject and has helped me fall in love with the subject". Nadia 

"The trip was very good as it was helpful in showing us how sociologists formulate their theories and how they conduct their research. Moreover, their collaboration and references of sociologists we only read in text with the ability to ask them questions as they were on stage really allowed me to experience an immersive sociological experience, which I would not genuinely not get in class". Yoseph

Overall, the students were pleased with the experience with much of their classroom knowledge being put into context, with certain research being given more insight into the qualitative data research methods sociologists had followed in their findings.