Pupils raise more money for emergency appeal

Pupils raise over £260 for Islamic Relief's Palestine Emergency Appeal.
Total amount

Combined with a fundraiser from earlier in the year, pupils have now raised over £1100 for the appeal. Pupils donated money to the appeal and were able to come to school in non-uniform.

The appeal was led by our One World society Captain, Imaan, in Year 12. Imaan and a group of other pupil leaders coordinated the fundraising. Our One World society is linked to our academy value: Show Compassion. 

One way our school community can Show Compassion to others is to donate to charity. We teach about the value and importance of charity as part of our Character programme. 

Our One World society and the wider school council will be leading the way over the next term as they plan ahead for this year's One World Day. 

You can find out more about Islamic Relief's Palestine Emergency Appeal here: