A visit from Troy Deeney and Fidel Thompson

Tuesday 23 November 2021

On the 16th of November 2021, Ark St Alban's Academy had the pleasure of welcoming renowned footballer Troy Deeney. Deeney is an exceptional Birmingham City Football Club member, and it was an honour to be able to have him meet a few of our students to discuss his past experiences and how football 'saved his life'. Deeney was accompanied by an inspirational community leader Mr Fidel Thompson who also spoke to the students about how past choices shaped his future. The students who were lucky enough to meet our VIP guests were overjoyed with the opportunity and were wonderful representatives of our school community.

"My experience of meeting Troy Deeney was exceptional. I loved how genuine and humble his character is. His advice was very much needed, and I loved how I could just be normal and talk to him. Deeney's story was very inspirational and hearing about his investments and businesses was very helpful in encouraging me to think about my own future goals. I have bought his book as I am very keen to read more about his life. The friendship between Deeney and Fidel was lovely to see, and I appreciated how they were both honest about their past experiences. I could relate to many of the things they discussed about school life; the difficulties and challenges of staying focused and the distractions that may arise when surrounded by your peers. Both guests were very knowledgeable of what school is like for young people and the advice shared about remaining focused and giving 100% was truly heart-warming. I was given personal advice about my kickboxing career and having the opportunity to listen to a fellow sportsman, has given me the encouragement to continue to work hard towards my dream of becoming a professional kickboxer and Educational Psychologist."

By Howa, Year 9.