Vote Ehsan! the Youth Police and Crime Commissioner Elections

Sixth Form pupil runs in West Midlands Police elections and encourages pupils aged 13-18 to be active citizens by voting to have their voices heard.
Vote Ehsan

Democracy and the Rule of Law are two of the fundamental British values that are taught through the Character Programme. This news article encourages pupils to be active citizens by voting (democracy) in elections that can influence issues about crime and policing (rule of law) in their community. 


Ehsan, a Sixth Form pupil and leader, is hoping to be elected to the position of Youth Commissioner. 

What is a Youth Commissioner? 

Youth Commissioners represent young people across the West Midlands. They are aged 18 and under. The job of the Youth Commissioner is to advise the Police and Crime Commissioner on issues affecting them and their peers.

What does Ehsan want to achieve? 

“My name is Ehsan Ibrahim, I am an experienced Youth Officer having represented Birmingham Hall Green Constituency as its elected Youth Officer. During this time, I advocated for my peers and worked closely with elected councillors to determine the ways in which we could work with the youth. 

I am passionate about using public spaces for good. I believe we can invest in safe, regulated public spaces to host evening football, cricket, and a wide range of other sport leagues - something which I personally have benefited from. I am passionate about the need for constructive conversation and relationships between communities and the police and it is something I would spend all the time given to advocate for if elected. Crime has impacted my family, and a lot of other families too - it is a feeling no one should ever have to tackle alone. More importantly, its impact on the youth is something I will promise to shine a light on if elected. 

If you choose me, you would be electing a passionate, tireless advocate with a track record of representing the youth of his community.” 

How do I vote in the election? 

To vote for Ehsan, or one of the other candidates, you need to be aged 13-18 and follow these steps: 

1) Register to vote here

2) Click on 'Register to vote here'

3) Fill in your details. Most pupils will need to select 'Birmingham East & West'

4) Check your email inbox to find the secure code

5) Enter your secure code on the voting site

6) Read through the candidate statements, make a decision, and then vote!